Friends of Clearwater was founded in 2013 by a dedicated group of men and women who united in order to make our views known regarding the shortsighted (and now abandoned) scheme to relocate Clearwater Marine Aquarium to the site of our City Hall on Clearwater's bluff.

We are ordinary people who have chosen Clearwater and its many neighborhoods as our homes.  
We share the desire for a much better future for our city.  A future that will be vibrant and thriving. 
We believe the best way to ensure a better future is to take an active role today as citizens (and voters) to help bring it about.

Our current aim is to make sure we elect public servants who are wise, able to think independently and care about the future of Clearwater. 

We invite you to join us.  (It's free.)  
Simply click the button below to send us an email including your name, address and phone number.